Tonight I am sitting in 12A. We are soaring 35,000 feet above the earth. I am surrounded by people, all who are pre-occupied with their own world. There’s nothing special about 12A except that tonight it has become my own little sanctuary. At least for these minutes, this is “holy ground”. I’ve got my headphones on and I’m listening to some great worship music. My heart is full, my spirit overflows with gratitude… and I am humbled by all the good gifts of God. It’s actually hard to put into words the kind of joy I feel in moments like this. It is almost like I can literally feel my spiritual tank being refilled.

I need times like this. I really do. My life, just like yours, is full of obligations and deadlines and responsibilities and “stuff”. I regularly need chunks of life where it’s not about my “to do” list or the e-mails I need to return. Life and ministry these days are exhilarating, but they can leave me feeling over-extended and under-nourished.

In fact, the faster you run, the more often you need to stop and get your tank refilled. So, how about finding your own 12A sanctuary this week and just spend time “being” with your Father.