Her Journey

About Her Journey

This one day process is a one-on-one experience with Connie Witt. She brings over 35 years of ministry experience and loves helping women and especially ministers’ wives, gain clarity and direction for their lives.

You can do almost anything you want…You just can’t do everything you want.

Do you feel stuck? Is your joy fading? Do you feel a new stirring for change but don’t exactly know what that is? Do you ask yourself “What do I really love to do, and how do I find the time to do it”? Are you ready to focus your life on what God has most gifted you to do?

Her Journey is a process that involves a day of unhurried conversation about your life. There are 3 segments to this process. We’ve defined them as:

Say. See. Soar.


Let Your Life Speak

Very rarely does a person think or talk about their life for an entire day. Having the opportunity to process with a great listener and skilled facilitator is a gift.


Sometimes you need to distance yourself to see more clearly.

While walking through our process, you will be able to see your story more vividly. As we unpack your story, you will see benchmarks, defining moments and threads that weave throughout your journey. These ‘Aha’ moments will become clear and will help you become more comfortable and confident with who you are.


“Don’t Just Fly… Soar” – Dumbo

No one wants to just “get by”. You were made by God to thrive… not just survive. This one day process will help you recognize your next steps and give you the confidence to soar into the future with boldness.

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