Ten Commandments of Technology and Teamwork

Part 2 of 2

View Part 1 Virtually anything that can be productive can also be destructive, and this is certainly true for technology.  Computers, the internet and smart phones have opened up a world of opportunity for us and the advancement of the Gospel, but technology also has a dark side. Last week I shared 1-5 of The […]

Ten Commandments of Technology and Teamwork

Part 1 of 2

Virtually anything that can be productive can also be destructive. Whether it’s a car, a knife, or a credit card, these “tools” can help or hurt people. This principle also applies to technology.  It has given ministries the opportunity to multiply exponentially and has made the bible accessible to billions. But technology also has a […]


My Replenish Story

I was forty-seven years old and for the first time in twenty-five years I was not a pastor in a local church.  I was in uncharted territory.  The local church was not just a place where my wife and I did ministry, it was a place where we did life.  More than I realized, my […]

Leveraging the Power of Great Questions

I have spent a lot of time the last few days in one-on-one interviews with a staff leadership team.  I have been consulting with this church for the last couple of years and have seen a lot of these staff members in the hallway.  We have exchanged the expected cordial greetings. I have been in […]

3 Steps to Removing Clutter

Simplicity.  It’s a beautiful word, isn’t it?  The irony is that simplicity isn’t simple. “The biggest challenge for everyone living today is how to adjust to a continual increase of complexity in every area of life.” (Dan Sullivan, Founder of Strategic Coach) Here are three steps to take you on the road to simplicity. Own […]



The Live True Podcast with David Loveless

In this episode of The Live True Podcast, David Loveless interviews Lance about healthy life practices for followers of and leaders for Jesus. Listen to the podcast here. Listen to this encouraging and enlightening conversation around: How to integrate your imperfections as both a follower of and leader for Jesus How leaders can be living […]